Geolocation + games mechanics = Lokter
a tool of business development and society activation

For owners of restaurants, pubs and other venues


Lokter is a unique solution which helps in acquiring the loyalty of your customers.

The rules are simple: the more often your customer visits your venue, the greater bonuses he gets.

You can define bonuses by yourself and whenever you want. You don't have to give an 80% discount and give up on your profit margin. Thanks to Lokter you can promote your business in the right way, by building customer loyalty and gaining their satisfaction.

You can achieve a loyalty level after completing quests from the previous level. Every quest has it's time limit – if the customer did not manage to complete the quest within a certain span of time, he will have to start again from the beginning.


On level 2 your customer has to visit you 4 times within 2 weeks, and he will get a 10% discount on the order of his choice. Level 3 requires at least 4 visits within 10 days, and the prize is a free dessert.

On one hand our solution allows you to attract loyal and returning customers and on the other hand your clients will feel rewarded for their loyalty. What's more, thanks to visit statistics, you will figure out the behavior patterns of your customers. But the most exceptional thing about it, is that we provide all of this totally for FREE.

How to start?
You just need to:

  1. Register yourself at Lokter
  2. Add your venue and claim your ownership
  3. Define a prize for each loyalty level

For now we are allowing bonuses for the first visit (check-in). But soon you will be able to run more levels

Your venue may already exist in Lokter, as perhaps one of your customers could have created it earlier. Therefore, before you add your venue, try using the search tool to find your venue.

How to define a reward

Check how easy it is to define a reward and start earning loyal customers!

Download the pdf with information for customers

Do not forget about keeping your customers well informed.
Download the pdf and print it with information about prizes for your active customers. If you would like additional materials such as stickers, let us know. If you have any doubts or inquiries, please send us an e-mail.

Promote your brand, event, conference.


Are you a Brand Manager? Are you organizing conferences? Are you responsible for the promotion of your company, city or mass events? Do you want to activate your clients and fans? We will help you move them off the computer by giving them quests to complete and prizes to obtain. Together we will create a mobile game that they won’t forget for a long time.

Lokter is geolocalisation and game mechanics. Combining knowledge about user location with game rules we can create many unique solutions. These are some of them:

- city guides with prizes

- city event guides

- mobile urban games including venue races with a time limit or with questions to answer

- quests for conference participants (i.e. Prize for being on time)

Every game can contain a various number of quests using predefined user activities:

1. Check-in at venue

2. Snapping photo

3. Answering a question ( available soon )

Our quests can last for weeks or for just a few hours. A user can see all the quests to complete and he can choose one of them or he can see only the one he has to complete. You can gather points for every activity within the game or you can obtain “bonuses” for completing special quests.

There are many possibilities and, without any doubt, you can find the best formula tailored to the needs of your community.

Contact us – and we will try to help you from the conceptual and from the technological side. We will advise, suggest and execute your idea to the point that it will be loved by everyone.

Games in mobile

Our application is available for iOS and Android mobiles.


Take a look at some of our actions

  • HP Laptop Race @ SWW 2011 Three day game for Startup Weekend participants - race for a laptop funded by HP
  • Deliver letter with Young Insurgent Historical mobile urban game with Warsaw Uprising in the background
  • Canal+ Evergreens Summer game in Warsaw's outdoor cinemas - prizes funded by Canal+
  • Science picnic 2011 Geolocation at the picnic with prizes from Polskie Radio
  • Travel with PTTK and Lokter Mountain trekking with prizes from PTTK
  • Warsaw's Museum Night 2011 Mobile urban game prepared in cooperation with Warsaw's City Council